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Afrodescendant Update in Latin America:Study on civil organizations and affirmative action policies. Notebooks SEGIB-UNDP Nº 1. (Actualidad Afrodescendiente en Iberoamérica
Estudio sobre organizaciones civiles y políticas de acción afirmativa. Cuadernos SEGIB – PNUD Nº 1.)

The "Afrodescendant Population of Latin America” Regional Project is pleased to present a paper by Paul Pascale, who is a consultant hired by the Regional Bureau for Latin America Programme of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) with support from the Ibero-American General Secretariat (SEGIB).

The document was one of the pillars for the formulation of this regional project. In total 161 organizations from the afrodescendant population of Latin America completed a comprehensive questionnaire. From their answers, we were able to devise the strengths and weaknesses of these organizations, their organizational structures, areas of expertise and other essential data more precisely, in order to know how to work and in which specific areas.

The study of 140 pages is exploratory in nature and contains: 1) a survey of Afrodescendant organizations in Latin America, on its objectives, activities, institutional relations, as well as equipment and training needs, 2) a compilation of the main policies of affirmative action for Afro-led Latin American governments, and 3) the presentation of the main facilitators and organizational obstacles, as well as the estimation of possibilities in the formation of a mechanism for organizing networks of afro-descendants.

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 Among the actions of the Afrodescendant Population of Latin America Project, are the articulate actions of sensitization and reflection between the civil society and afrodescendent communities interested in building a regional dialogue, expanding their capacities of organization and communitarian action, and promoting new policies of economic, political, social and cultural inclusion.

Through this network, the project also seeks to generate regional relations with other organizations and entities, in order to take advantage of the existing capacities while obtaining synergies that end in the systematization and exchange of experiences as well as good concrete practices and usefulness for all.