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Highly positive balance for the "Somos Afro" exhibition


"Somos Afro" (We Are Afro) Fair of Social Inclusion of the Afrodescendant Population of Colombia, Ecuador and Panama which was hosted by the UNDP regional project "Afrodescendant Population of Latin America" in the framework of popular XIV Petronio Alvarez Pacific Music Festival (Cali, Colombia, August 11-14, 2010) received an excellent reception.

The "Somos Afro" pavilion, installed in the vicinity of the Plaza de Toros with visits from some 10 000 people a day, was open to the public from 09.30 to 17.30 and was visited by a large audience, who toured the stands of the 7 displayed good practices (see list) and participated in scheduled lectures and workshops.

As a result, the primary objective of the fair which was to showcase the best practices of the afro-population of Colombia, Ecuador and Panama was fulfilled, making it easily replicable in other regions and countries, and at the same time strengthening organizations and giving them more information on social inclusion.

Follow this link to get more information, download the Review of the Fair, in depth summary, presentations and see video/photos

See also: "A fair for the vindication of the Afro communities", at the website of the UNDP Regional Centre - Panamá.

Seminar-Workshop for journalists: Mission accomplished


The Seminar-Workshop on Multimedia Reporting, The Afro Population in Latin America successfully closed its activities in the city of Cartagena on June 11th where as a final result of the compilation of the work done by participating journalists, a media blog called Somos Afro was created.

"We accomplished everything with the established programme. The partnership with the Fundación Nuevo Periodismo Iberoamericano (New Ibero-American Journalism Foundation) and the Deutsche Welle Akademie gave excellent results," commented Silvia Beatriz García, Project Manager for the Afrodescendant Populations of Latin America Project.

Development of the Seminar-Workshop
The programmed activities were intensive: the 15 participating journalists from Colombia, Ecuador and Panama began their activities at 8 am and worked until 7 pm, and were always under the guidance of Professor Steffen Leidel and journalist Marta Ruiz.
The workshop focused on practical advice geared toward the use of “open source” multimedia tools and narrative journalism as a new resource to inform and tell stories. Also included was a session on contextualization and news analysis, which was intended to open the panorama to journalists present so that they could put together the final multimedia project. Participants had to go out and find stories about afro population from the city. With this material, along with what they had previously worked on, were the contents of the blog Somos Afro (only available in Spanish).
"This seminar-workshop demonstrated the need to continue working with journalists. They themselves acknowledged the lack of information in the appropriate treatment of news related to the afro population. If there were resources, it would be necessary to repeat this seminar for journalists from other countries in Latin America,"Garcia concluded.

Please click on this link to download the published report by the FNPI.